"I feel as though everything was gone to hell inside of me." - Ernest Hemingway, from The Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Anonymous said: control the natural resources. And since Israel can't support themselves without America we can easily take most of the natural resources from them. Oil makes the world go round. You control that you control everyone.

So is america protecting Israel so that we can take their shit like oil? 

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Anonymous said: that way they can't be found or attacked. Israel, being paranoid, needed a reason to attack. And the beheading of those people were it.

Well what exactly is the reason why ( I know it sounds vague) but why are Terrorists, well, being terrorists? Is it because of the “72 virgins” shit, or is really to convert everyone into Islam? Don’t they know that’s impossible? With an army of 20k in Jihadists/Sadists and a population of 7 billion don’t they know it’s unattainable? 

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Anonymous said: threat. America has already made Israel safe. We've funded a machine that will shoot a rocket and collide with another rocket should one be launched. We've supplied their military when they couldn't. We continue to supply their war effort even though we say it's for their defense. We know what's happening. We just don't care. It depends on how you see it. The Hamas have always been present but never a real threat. It's been seen that the Hamas use the people of Palestine for cover

So Israel is attacking civilians of Palestine for no reason?

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Anonymous said: Who really is the bad guy here palestine or Isarel or both? Israel has already violated a boundary treaty with Palestine. Israel sent in troops and maintained military hold on parts of Palestine they had no business being in. Gaza is a tiny island compare to Israel. It's as if America decided to bomb Puerto Rico or Cuba. Gaza has no military. No navy. No Air Force. No real heavy artillery. They can't defend themselves. Israel says they fight because the Hamas are a continuous

I read all of your messages, thank you so much for the effort! 

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Anonymous said: why america/UN or any country actually aren’t helping the kids dying in Palestine. Countries are trying to help Palestine. Some countries in South America have stopped exporting and importing goods from Israel. America and Great Britain and pretty much the only two countries that support Israel because Israel is the closest thing we have to democracy over there and they can be easily controlled. The government wants Israel to take hold of the pipelines in the Middle East that way they can

Why did Israel do that? Why did they feel a need to attack and why did they invade land they had no right to take? What is so powerful about oil, aren’t there other resources out there just as much as powerful? Are the Hamas good to the palestinians then? 

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